New work in progress on my patreon!
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New work in progress on my patreon!

As some of you know, my novel The Eight Lights is going through the last steps of editing.
After that phase, will come the pagination and design of the book, and then finally publishing! 

I have to admit I am quite excited to see what's gonna happen. I do love the story and the characters, but I am looking forward to see if other readers will also feel the same.

However, despite the work I am doing on The Eight Lights, I also wanted to work on something else. Partly it's because I love the writing process. Editing, advertising, and production are necessary, even vital steps, but to me they are not a world of fun.
Creating and writing, on the other hand, while very challenging, belong to a process that I love.

Another reason that made me want to write a new book not related to The Eight Lights was that I wanted to present something to my very loyal patrons who have been and continue to be with me through my most productive months as well as my MIA months.
Enter Lightbringer (i do seem to have a thing for light, but I swear it's just a coincidence!)

Lightbringer is the story of Lucifer before he became Lucifer, and what pushed the angel to become the enemy of God.
We will follow Helel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and a number of other characters in a story that takes place and develops in the Kingdom (the realm where angels live), and in the human realm, Earth.
We will take a look at the dynamics among angels and the rules that govern them and their world, as well as the relationship between them, God, and the humans.

I will periodically post chapters of Lightbringer on my patreon, but if you're not able to subscribe yet still would like to read Lightbringer, I got good news.
While I want to do something special for my patrons, I also want to share Lightbringer with anyone who may be interested. That is why, I will periodically post chapters on my website for anyone to read FOR FREE, starting a few months after they appear on patreon.

All you have to do is wait a little and subscribe to my mailing list!

I hope to come to you soon with more updates!


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