Lucio L. Maurizi is an Italian writer formed in the United States, and living in Japan.

He finished his history studies in New York and Boston, while working on several writing projects, mostly as a ghost writer and screenwriter under a number of pseudonyms.

Upon moving to Japan, he focused on establishing a writing presence in touristic magazines, as well as political newspapers, and prepared to launch his own website focused on traveling and information about Japan (Branded "Italian in Japan"). With the crisis brought forth by Covid-19, the project ended.

This, though, gave Lucio more time to focus on a saga he had been slowly working on for years. A few months later, the first book of the saga was finished.

The Eight Lights is now the project L.L. Maurizi hopes will be the beginning of a fantastic journey not only in the world of The Eight Lights, but also through the stories and characters he presents in his other short stories, essays, articles, and journals.